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Top California Wineries Pull a Few Corks for the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual conference

Top California Wineries will intrigue International Culinary Professionals in Networking and Awards at the IACP 2013 conference in San Francisco, April 6 through 9th. A handful of northern California wineries will pour some of their best efforts into helping the conferees to further transform our eating experiences.

Sharpen your Quality-Price points with the San Francisco Chronicle U.S. Wine Competition Public Tasting 2013

On January 10, 2013, I met with a few of the judges in the San Francisco Chronicle U.S. Wine Competition on a lunch break in the middle of their blind judging panels at the Citrus Fair grounds in Cloverdale, California.  

RidgeVineyards Throws Down an Immediate Tasting Challenge to all Wine Bloggers

Eyes wide open or double-blind, wouldn't you love to taste and share opinions about some of the best wines made anywhere with the best wine bloggers around?

Ridge Vineyards has been challenging the best wine bloggers to throw down their best opinions since 2010 in barrel rooms, crush pads, and on video. 

Historically, they have presented:

  • long verticals from either Monte Bello or Lytton Springs 
  • Winery-only Rhones 
  • 11 vintage Monte Bello library blind explorations 

Getting Real at the Whole Foods Wine Tasting Bar

The last time I made this stop on Trancas in Napa, something said that it needed closer, more intimate examination. Sitting there in one corner of the wine department, a pair of 8-port Cruvinets took care of their patients:

Evolving from Brand Monitoring into Monetizable Social Business Intelligence for the Wine industry

VinTank, the premiere brain trust of direct-to-consumer relationships in the wine industry, has rebranded Cruvee as "Social Connect" The splash page says:

Tasteup at Inspiration Winery

The Sonoma County (#soco) Wine Industry organization and Facebook Monthly, organized by William Allen (aka @SonomaWilliam) convened on 8-30-2011 in the tasting room of the Inspiration Vineyard and Winery in Santa Rosa, California.

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